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Inductive heating har many applications for roads and bridges

General industry 

Heating processes are common in industrial manufacturing. Induction heating is often the preferred choice. 


Efficient and reliable production is critical for industries all over the world. Unplanned downtime or unexpected quality defects can quickly turn expected gains into massive losses. As induction technology is accurate, controllable, fast and repeatable, more and more industries choose induction heating over other heating alternatives such as gas. In addition, induction heating does not emit carbon dioxide and eliminates naked flames. 

  • Mobile induction heating for general tasks
  • Stationary induction heating for specific tasks
Inductin heating in the railway, shipbuilding and aviation industries


Product quality and process consistency are obviously crucial to the aviation industry. That is why the accurate, repeatable and contact-free induction heating has become so popular with aircraft manufacturers, airlines and their suppliers.

Typical applications:

  • Induction brazing of fan blades and blades for casings
  • Induction brazing of various parts for fuel systems, e.g. fuel connections
  • Induction brazing of various components in hydraulic systems
  • Postheating of welding repairs such as in casings for jet engines 


The unrivalled accuracy, control and efficiency of induction heating makes it ideal for key tasks in the manufacture and maintenance of rolling stock and rails.

Typical applications:

  • Shrink-fitting of lock rings, ball bearings, brake pad centre hubs, steel tyres on rims, wheels on shafts, loctite connections,
  • Pre-heating of rails
  • Hardening of rails and hubs
  • Welding of rails in field

Oil and gas

ENRX has been helping oil and gas service companies since the mid 1990s.

Typical applications: 

  • Post Weld Heat Treatment
  • Pre Weld Heat Treatment
  • Pre-heating before coating
  • Tube bending
  • Soldering
  • Shrink fitting of bolts and nuts, steam valves, bearings, hubs, gears, sprockets, impellers, ompressors and retaining rings
  • Removal of rubber coatings and glued parts
  • Hardening of spray coatings
  • Straightening


ENRX provide induction heating equipment that is used in ship yards around the world for the construction, repair and maintenance of all kinds of vessels.

Typical applications are: 

  • Deck and bulkhead straightening during construction
  • Straight welding of beams in double hulls
  • Paint and coating removal
  • Brazing of copper components
  • Hardening of large gears, winches and chains
  • Heat treatment of shafts
  • Pre-heating of valves prior to welding

Metal and foundry

Our very first induction equipment items were designed and built for the metal and foundry industry. Over the past five decades, we have led the way in developing time and money saving solutions for this sector.

Typical applications: 

  • Forging of billet heaters and horizontal/vertical bar end heaters 
  • Melting of metal and glass 
  • Plasma heating of titanium and silicon 

Wire and cable

The unrivalled accuracy, control and efficiency of induction heating makes it ideal for many key tasks in the manufacture and processing of wire and cable products.

Typical applications:

  • Drying post cleaning or removing water or solvent from coatings
  • Curing of liquid or powder based coatings. Providing a superior bond strength and surface finish
  • Diffusion of metallic coating
  • Pre heating for extrusion of polymer and metallic coatings
  • Heat treatment including: stress relieving, tempering, annealing, bright annealing, hardening, patenting etc.
  • Pre-heating for hot-forming or forging, especially important for specification alloys 

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