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Induction welding is used for longitudinal welding in the tube and pipe industry.

Induction annealing and normalising

Induction annealing and normalizing is widely used in the tube and pipe industry and is ideal for virtually any annealing task.


Induction annealing heats metals that have already undergone significant processing. It reduces hardness, improves ductility and relieves internal stresses. Full-body annealing is a process where the complete workpiece is annealed. With seam annealing (more accurately known as seam normalising), only the heat-affected zone produced by the welding process is treated.

  • Fast, reliable, and localised heat
  • Precise temperature control
  • Easy in-line integration
Induction heating used for seam normalizing of tube

Advanced seam normalising. For advanced alloys and pipe.

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