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The ENRX system uses a process called inductive charging. Electricity passes through wire coils in the road plates, generating a magnetic field. This field induces a voltage across coils in the vehicle plates and the batteries are charged.

Wireless inductive charging and contactless power supply

Discover our range of wireless charging solutions for e-mobility as well as our contactless power supply systems for industrial floor and rail applications. 

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ENRX Bus Charge system

Charge Heavy-duty

Our system family for charging of buses, mining vehicles, trucks and vessels.

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Dynamic Electric Roadway

Electric Roadway

Our system family for wireless charging of electric vehicles in motion.

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Power Floor AGV

Power Floor

Our system family for contactless power supply to floor applications.

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ENRX Power rail Contactless power supply

Power Rail

Our system family for contactless power supply to rail applications.

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