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The ENRX Sinac family, a complete range of stationary induction heating equipment

Sinac: Stationary induction heating systems

Sinac is ideal in many applications and suitable for heating all kinds of electrically conductive materials.


Sinac is our family of stationary, universal heat generator systems. Each Sinac includes a frequency converter, capacitors and, where necessary, a matching unit. All Sinac coils, the components that deliver heat to workpieces, are custom-designed to best suit your specific applications and conditions.  

  • Stationary and customised
  • Wide range of output power ratings and frequencies range
  • Efficiency factor of 85-87%
ENRX Sinac stationary- nduction heating equipment used for bonding of car doors

Learn about how and where the Sinac family can be used

Specially designed solutions

Induction heating equipment to braze vibration absorbers

Brazing system

Automated, semi-automated or manual.

Specially designed solutions

Deck straightening system

Specially designed for rapid deck and bulkhead straightening.

Specially designed solutions

Seam normalizing system

For advanced alloys and pipes.

Specially designed solutions

Wire and cable system

Specially designed for efficient manufacturing of wires and cables.

Specially designed solutions

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