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Industrial inductive wireless charing system for industrial electric vehicles

E-mobility and infrastructure 

The future of mobility is wireless. ENRX sets the standard. 


From muscles, steam and fossil fuels to electricity. Now it is time for the hassle-free generation of wireless charging, where induction technology paves the way for transforming the transport sector. The Paris Agreement drives the need for electrification of buses, ferries, garbage trucks, last-mile delivery vans, and personal cars to taxis. Wireless charging stations are convenient and keep street views clean, leaving city landmarks, cultural sites and parks intact and enhancing the city’s overall charm.  

  • Wireless inductive charging of all vehicles in a city
  • Wireless inductive charging of ferries, ships and vessels in harbours
  • Dynamic wireless charging for long-haul transportation
Discover our range of wireless charging solutions for e-mobility as well as our contactless power supply systems for industrial floor and rail applications.

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