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ENRX Induction heating equpment

Induction heating solutions 

Discover our range of induction heating families (HardLine, HeatLine, Minac, Sinac and Weldac) as well as our standalone products. 

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Bolt expansion system

Specially designed for bolt expansion in high-pressure turbines.

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Induction heating equipment to braze vibration absorbers

Brazing system

Automated, semi-automated or manual.

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Coating removal system

Specially designed for rapid stripping of paint and high-build coatings.

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Induction coil for heat treatment


Specially designed coils for ENRX induction equipment and systems.

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Specially designed for tube and pipe welding.

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Deck straightening system

Specially designed for rapid deck and bulkhead straightening.

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HardLine: Induction hardening machines

Our system family for surface and through hardening applications.

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HeatLine: Induction heating systems

Our system family for melting and forging applications.

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Minac: Mobile induction heating equipment

Our system family for virtually any mobile induction heating application.

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Seam normalizing system

For advanced alloys and pipes.

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The ENRX Sinac family, a complete range of stationary induction heating equipment

Sinac: Stationary induction heating systems

Our system family for virtually any stationary induction heating application,

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Ventac Aircooled induction heating system

Ventac: Aircooled induction heating system

Ventac is our new, portable air-cooled induction heating system that combines high continuous output with small size and low weight

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Weldac: Tube welders

Our system family for tube and pipe applications.

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Wire and cable system

Specially designed for efficient manufacturing of wires and cables.

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