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At ENRX we are serious about our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibilities.

We are here to make things better

If you intend to stay in business, you have to base your operations on long-term commitments. ENRX offers products and systems within heat, charge and power for eco-friendly industrial production and transportation by air, road and rail. Accordingly, we are serious about our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibilities.  

Induction heating: 

Clean and green manufacturing 

  • Accurate
  • Controllable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Incredibly fast
  • Repeatable

Wireless charging and power supply: 

Clean and green manufacturing and mobility 

  • Convenient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Efficient
  • Flexible
  • Reliable in harsh environments  

The values we live by

Our values embody the spirit and energy of ENRX at its best. They help us set direction, and they guide our decisions. 

ENRX Values Respectful


Being respectful means we treat people with respect, and act at all times with integrity. We lead by example and care for our customers, colleagues and the environment. 

ENRX Values Cooperative


Being cooperative means we share resources, know-how and solutions within ENRX to satisfy our customers wherever they are located.

ENRX Values Reliable


Being reliable means we take responsibility. We spare no effort to keep our promises, and we learn from our failures.

ENRX Values Passionate


Being passionate means we have a burning interest in what we do. It means being open to new ideas and constantly developing innovative solutions to support our customers and colleagues.  


An integrated business (ESG) 

In essence, adhering to an ESG framework means that you are future-proofing your business. Companies that have made this a priority have the tools to deal with the dramatic challenges that are thrown at us all from time to time. ENRX is committed to integrating our environmental, social and corporate governance responsibilities into our business decisions and operations. 

CEO, Bjørn Eldar Petersen

Code of Conduct

All employees base their daily work and behaviour on the company values – respectful, reliable, cooperative and passionate – in order follow the law, act honourably and provide products and services to the customers at reasonable prices without compromising on quality or reliability as well as to serve customers in the best possible way wherever they are located. 

In ENRX we have zero tolerance for illegal or unethical behaviour. We act and behave with integrity and will always strive to live up to our company values.

CEO, Bjørn Eldar Petersen

Supplier Code of Conduct

ENRX supports the shift towards sustainable growth via a resource-efficient, low-carbon economy. The energy transition will continue to increase in importance as investors prioritize environmental, social and governance factors, and customers should feel secure that ENRX products are manufactured and distributed in a sustainable and responsible way.

CEO, Bjørn Eldar Petersen 

Front page of the Supplier Code of Conduct

Environmental policy

At ENRX, we are committed to environmental sustainability in all our business decisions and operations.

CEO, Bjørn Eldar Petersen


Front page of the Environmental policy

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