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Ventac Aircooled induction heating system
Introducing the Ventac air-cooled induction heating system

Highly efficient. Easy to move.

Ventac is a portable air-cooled induction heating system that combines high continuous output (25 or 50 kW) with small size and low weight (only 36 kg). It has a sophisticated temperature control system that lets you stay in charge of your induction heating process. You get the task done quickly and can easily continue with the next one. Ventac is particularly well suited for pre-heating, post-heating and shrink-fitting applications. 

Ventac Aircooled induction heating system

Up to 50 kW of continuous power

Ventac has a continuous output of 25 or 50 kW. Unlike other air-cooled induction heating systems, Ventac will give you the power you need to perform your tasks without interruption. When we conducted a pilot project together with a customer regarding Ventac, the result was amazing: The customer could reduce the time per task from 1 hour to 30 minutes. Ventac uses SiC (Silicon Carbide) transistor technology, resulting in high thermal stability and high efficiency of more than 97%.

Ventac Aircooled induction heating system

The low weight is a heavy argument

Ventac sets a new industry standard with its compact size and a weight of 36 kg – just 1/3 of other air- and water-cooled alternatives. This makes it easy to transport to new work sites, and you can even wheel it around the workshop or factory on an robust trolley from ENRX with place for cables. No lift is needed – good for staff health and workplace logistics. 

You make a sustainable choice

Induction heating is a clean and green process used in manufacturing worldwide to reduce waste and energy, thereby minimising emissions and preserving natural resources. Ventac is a sustainable choice with its more than 97% efficiency – far better than any other air-cooled induction heating system. Transportation is also more manageable and less energy-consuming as Ventac’s weight is only 1/3 compared to both direct competitors and water-cooled alternatives. 

Ventac Aircooled induction heating system

Virtually maintenance-free

The only moving part of Ventac is the fan. All service needed is to change the air filter regularly. You will never need to empty a system, clean out a tank or repair a pump. 

Ventac Aircooled induction heating system

Portable External Control Unit (ECU)

The ECU lets you monitor and control the heating task close to the workpiece operation without having to be close to the machine. You can program heat and temperature cycles, and stop a heating process immediately via a quick stop. User-friendly and easy to learn. Robust design with rubber shock absorber casing. 

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