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Power Floor AGV
Power Floor: 

Contactless power supply 

Continuous powering of industrial floor surface conveyors for unrestricted mobility.


Power Floor is our system family for contactless power supply to conveyors such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), smart robots, tow vehicles and unit load carriers. All the cables are easily embedded in the floor and the loops also define the vehicle’s traveling paths. The result is a level floor with no obstacles for people, that can operate nonstop, with minimal risk of maintenance and downtime. 

  • Modular and suited for long-distance tracks
  • Unlimited movements and high traveling speeds
  • Withstands harsh and sensitive environments

Learn about how and where contactless power supply can be used


In worldwide operation since 1996 with more than 100.000 meters of continuously powered tracks in daily use.

Floor conveyors in assembly lines

  • Daimler AG, Germany
  • Power Floor and iDAT 
  • 3 track supplies, 35 kW, 220 m transit total path length, 35 vehicles, 2.2 kW

Floor conveyors in assembly lines

  • DAF, Netherlands
  • Power Floor and iDAT 
  • 3 installations with 30 kW track supply, each total path length 380 m, 50 vehicles, 1.8 kW each
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are the most flexible and versatile transport systems in intralogistics and modern production processes.

Example of a Power Floor installation for AGVs

Stationary components

  • Charge Module 100 kW
  • Charge pads 100 kW
  • Ground Module 100 kW - 400-600 V
  • Monitoring unit
  • Cooling unit

Mobile components

  • 2 x Pickup 50 kW 
  • 2 x Rectifier 50 kW
  • Remote Battery Charging Interface (RBCI) 
  • Communication Module

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