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ENRX Induction heating for bolt expansion

ENRX On Demand. The easy way to rent heat. 

Do you need induction equipment for a limited time only? Our rental services give you access to professional equipment especially suited for your project. You don’t have to worry about upgrades, repairs or servicing—that’s all part of the deal. Make a long-term improvement with a short-term rental.

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ENRX Ventac portable aircooled induction heating system with trolley

What do you need? 

  • Equipment

    Do you need equipment for a limited time only? We supply a wide range of induction equipment, and make sure it is running optimally. There is no need for you to worry about service, repair and testing. That is all a part of the deal.

  • Equipment + Supervisor
    If you have your own personnel but are not entirely sure about how to approach a new heating project, you can rent one of our experienced supervisors. The supervisor will be on site to ensure installation and procedures are up to standard.  
  • Equipment + Operator
    Would you like us to take care of everything? Let us do the job and have confidence knowing that we will not only provide the industry’s best induction heating equipment, but that it will be operated by experienced professionals with the right know-how to do the job correctly, efficiently, and safely.

What we offer

Our rental services give you access to professional induction equipment for a limited time. You do not need to worry about service, repair or testing – that's part of the deal. Shrink-fitting, induction straightening and induction brazing are some typical rental systems. Rental with an experienced professional operator is one possibility; another option is rental with a supervisor, in case you have staff who are not entirely sure of how to approach a project. 

  • Short-time rental
  • Long-time rental
  • Rental with operator
Expanding bolts with induction heating

Bolt expansion

The use of induction heating for bolt expansion is the proven time and labour-saving alternative to inefficient flame and resistance heating. 



Induction brazing is the perfect choice for brazing of bars, strands, rings and wires in motors, generators and transformers.

ENRX Ventac induction heating equipment used for shrink fitting application

Shrink fitting

Our rental solutions are ideal for for shrink-fitting tasks of steam valves, bearings, hubs, gears, sprockets and impellers, compressors and retaining rings. 

Induction heating at offshore platform

Pre-and postheating

Induction heating is frequently used for pre-weld heat treatment, post-weld heat treatment, pre-heating before coating, pre-heating prior to cladding, pre- and postheating of swaged ends, as well as pre-weld heating for subsea hot tapping. 

Removal of high-buildup coating with induction technology

Coating removal

Rent the ENRX solution for removal of coatings from carbon steel, structural steel and other metal substrates. Typical application sites are offshore rigs, onshore oil and gas facilities, fabrication and repair workshops, and processing plants.

Induction heating used for boiler extraction

Boiler extraction

ENRX is now offering their service and equipment rental to sugarcane mills.

Our rental equipment

Mobile induction heating equipment


Minac is our family of mobile and versatile induction equipment. Examples of ideal jobs are brazing, curing, hardening, shrink-fitting and straightening. Minac equipment can be fitted with a single or twin output, various coils and coil fixtures, flexible cables, closed or separate cooling systems, and specially designed heating cables. We equip the Minac to fit your need. 

Ventac Aircooled induction heating system
Aircooled induction heating equipmENT


Ventac is a portable air-cooled induction heating system that combines high continuous output (25 or 50 kW) with small size and low weight (only 36 kg). It has a sophisticated temperature control system that lets you stay in charge of your induction heating process. You get the task done quickly and can easily continue with the next one. Ventac is particularly well suited for pre-heating, post-heating and shrink-fitting applications. 

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