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CEO at ENRX, Bjørn Eldar Petersen, meets the team at Roctool.

Proposed entry of ENRX into the capital of ROCTOOL

Roctool announces the plan for ENRX to acquire a stake in its capital, following the strategic partnership signed in September 2023.

 “Only three months after signing our strategic partnership, it seemed obvious to accelerate our collaboration and take a stake in the capital of Roctool", says ENRX CEO Bjørn Eldar Petersen. "Together, we will increase our synergies, accelerate the deployment of our technologies, and participate even more actively in the transition towards sustainable and responsible molding.”

“We look forward to the future of Roctool with ENRX", comments Roctool CEO Mathieu Boulanger. "Much more than an industrial ally, ENRX teams are a valuable asset to accelerate the deployment of our technologies internationally and look forward to the coming years with ambition. We will be able to provide our customers with ever more innovative and responsible solutions and services to meet their production needs.”

Read the full press release from ROCTOOL.