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Electromagnetic induction was discovered almost 200 years ago. Today, as the world is going electric, induction technology is leading towards more efficient and sustainable manufacturing and mobility. Here is the story behind ENRX. 

Where we come from

1831 | Faraday 

In 1831, British scientist Michael Faraday discovers electromagnetic induction. But it would be many years later, in 1891, when the world sees the first application of induction heating for the melting of metals. 

1950 | FDF

The German company Induktionserwärmung Fritz Düsseldorf GmbH (FDF) launches a universal induction hardening machine. A new industrial innovator is born. 

1981 | ELVA

A group of engineers in Norway, with expertise in frequency converters for induction heating, starts ELVA Induksjon AS and introduces the Minac range of mobile frequency converters. 

1991 | FDF and ELVA

The managing directors of FDF and ELVA meet by chance and see the opportunity of combining FDF’s strengths in stationary induction hardening machines with ELVA’s innovative approach, to find new applications for induction heating.  

1996 | EFD Induction

FDF and ELVA decide to merge and become EFD Induction. 

1996 | IPT Technology

IPT Technology becomes Europe’s first producer of solutions for wireless inductive charging and contactless power transmission. 

2023 | ENRX

EFD Induction and IPT Technology create a powerhouse in induction heating, wireless inductive charging and contactless power supply for advanced manufacturing and mobility. 

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