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Roctool's high quality molded plastic made with ENRX induction technology

ENRX strengthens partnership with Roctool

ENRX Group has become a shareholder in Roctool, specialists in mold heating and cooling technologies for plastics and composites, creating an international player dedicated to the energy transition of high-tech industries.

"Since we signed our partnership agreement last September, accelerating our strategic partnership has been a matter of course”, says CEO of ENRX, Bjørn Eldar Petersen

Roctool decided to issue 1,111,111 new shares to the ENRX Group at a unit price of 1.80€, representing a capital increase of 2€ million. As part of the transaction, ENRX Group will join Roctool’s Board of Directors.

"This operation has met with the approval of all the parties involved”, comments CEO of Roctool, Mathieu Boulanger. “It's a great day for Roctool, which today seals the strategic partnership we've been looking for to support our growth, the continuous improvement of our solutions, the acceleration of our product marketing and our international deployment.”

Building on a close relationship for over ten years, this deepening of the strategic partnership reflects the conviction of both players that Roctool's high level of technological performance and innovation combined with the ENRX Group's commercial strength, induction know-how in numerous fields and exceptional market knowledge have the capacity to create a key market player.

“Much more than a simple acquisition of a stake, we are now moving forward alongside a recognized player in the sector, who will give us the benefit of its know-how and reputation, and who shares our sustainable approach”, Boulanger says. “Every day, we work to produce more environmentally friendly plastic parts and, above all, to eliminate paints, at a time when manufacturers are increasingly looking for cutting-edge systems and services to meet their tool heating needs, we offer some of the most innovative solutions, in the service of performance, eco-responsibility and product quality".

This new step is a powerful acceleration for the deployment of Roctool's technology, as well as reinforcing the added value of the ENRX Group's offering in support of the energy transition of cutting-edge industries. Starting in the first half of 2024, Roctool technology will be installed at two ENRX sites (in Shanghai and Detroit) to organize molding demonstrations and will be present at major international trade shows such as JEC (composites show in Paris) and NPE (plastics show in the USA).

“Our teams are already working closely together in Europe, Asia and America to develop synergies and reinforce the deployment of induction technology for molding”, Petersen says. “Our systems, featuring Roctool technologies, respond to the priorities of both our companies: eco-responsibility and efficiency. Our expertise in induction technology, which has become a must in terms of energy savings and is one of ENRX Group's spearheads, will enable Roctool to deploy its technology in a wide range of fields."