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Clean production with induction heating

Clean production is a talent magnet

Manufacturing companies struggle to attract talent while an ageing workforce approaches retirement. Industrial production is also changing driven by automation, digitalisation and electrification. However, induction heating is a technology that promotes energy-efficient production with virtually no emissions, allows Industry 4.0 integration and provides healthy and safe workplaces. In the competition for talent, induction can be an appealing force.

Melting together

In a world where eco-conscious choices shape our personal lives, sustainability is extending into our professional identities. Individuals who prefer environmentally friendly products in private are likely to seek employment with companies that echo green values. Just providing a paycheck and personal benefits is no longer sufficient to attract talent. To really overcome the recruitment challenge, you need a sincere and enduring dedication to sustainability.

A report from the UKG Workforce Institute (August 28, 2023) highlights that 3 of 4 manufacturers find it challenging to fill critical labour gaps. Moreover, 2 of 3 have noted an increased duration time to fill open positions. Not being able to secure suitable candidates poses significant business risks, jeopardising the ability to sustain optimal production levels and meet the necessary quality standards.

76% Challenging to fill crucial labour gaps
66% Increased duration in filling open positions
Usually, efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand. Although industrial induction heating is not a new technology, numerous companies struggle with outdated heating equipment in their production. Shifting to induction is an opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce emissions – while achieving the positive side effect of becoming a more appealing employer.
Induction heating is inhearently clean

Inherently clean

Industrial induction heating ensures exact heat application with minimal energy consumption. The controllability of induction heating facilitates customised processes, reducing the risk of overheating and material waste.

Moreover, induction heating avoids burning fossil fuels, substantially decreasing harmful emissions. The repeatability of induction heating also ensures consistent and reliable results, reducing fluctuation and resource usage.

The benefits of induction heating

Five reasons why induction heating is clean and green

  • Accurate – heat is only applied where it is needed
  • Incredibly fast – from 0 to 1000 degrees in less than 1 second
  • Controllable – easy to adjust to precisely the desired temperature
  • Repeatable – get the same results time and time again
In design and engineering, induction heating serves as a catalyst for professional development. The technology gives excellent and predictable heating results, making it possible to significantly improve and speed up production processes.
Induction heating is inhearently clean

The features of induction heating align with Industry 4.0 – which strives for cleaner production via resource optimisation, circular economy practices and sustainable supply chain management.

For operators and technicians, induction heating contributes to safer and cleaner work environments. Companies using induction heating showcase a commitment to workplace safety and environmental responsibility, enhancing employee well-being and serving as a compelling recruitment asset.

Unleash the potential

Induction heating is a widely adopted technology embraced by global automotive brands, major electrotechnical companies, prominent manufacturers of steel tubes and pipes, and various other segments worldwide. An emerging trend is the use of induction in the heat treatment of components for renewable energy generation and storage products. Embracing induction heating positions your company as an innovative and environmentally conscious employer. This commitment to sustainability not only fosters a forward-thinking image but also enhances your ability to attract skilled individuals. Over time, this magnetic appeal will draw in more talented professionals, creating a positive cycle of talent acquisition and growth for your organisation.

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