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Demonstration of induction heating for clients of ENRX and Glensol
Partnering with Glensol

Successful open day in Baku

More than a hundred clients showed up when ENRX and Glensol co-hosted an open day event to showcase the merits of induction technology in the oil and gas sector.

“All the right people attended – from operators and service companies – and they showed a lot of interest”, says Business Development Manager at EUK, Scott Clive Donald, who had travelled to Baku in Azerbaijan where ENRX recently joined forces with Glensol to host an Open Day event at their workshop.

The primary focus of the event, which actually stretched over two days, was to celebrate the new partnership between the two companies, while demonstrating the cutting-edge induction heating solutions developed by ENRX for offshore applications.

Glensol (Global Energy Solutions), which was established in 2012, provide oil field operations and equipment maintenance services to the oil and gas industry in Azerbaijan and the Caspian region.

“While choosing our partners, we prioritize three fundamental aspects: capability, sustainability, and development of local competency”, said Deputy General Director of Glensol, Anar Orujov. “Our strategic partnership with ENRX is a good example of that. ENRX, with their decades of experience in induction heating and green solutions, enables us to provide our offshore maintenance service in a safer, quicker, more cost-effective, and – most importantly – sustainable manner.”

Scott Donald reiterated the commitment of ENRX and Glensol to work closely together, and expressed his confidence that the collaboration would provide a comprehensive and sustainable one-stop service, benefiting both clients within the Caspian region and the industry as a whole.

“By leveraging the expertise of Glensol's trained engineers and ENRX's qualified professionals, we can easily deliver the technical scopes required by the industry”, he said.

These encompass shrink fitting, coating removal, pre and post weld heat treatment (PWHT), and bolt removal, among others, some of which would be demonstrated to the Glensol and ENRX clients, who were specially invited to witness firsthand the remarkable capabilities of induction heating technology.

The first day kicked off with a comprehensive tour of Glensol's workshop, allowing clients to gain insights into the company's operations and understand how ENRX's induction heating solutions could assist them in their respective workshops. The participants were introduced to the equipment and its functionalities, both with and without the heating station, followed by an engaging Q&A session.

Next on the agenda were the live demonstrations that showed the versatility of induction heating technology. The audience got to see the heating of steel bars, shrink fitting, and coating removal processes. Following the demonstrations, further questions were answered ensuring a thorough understanding among the attendees. To facilitate effective communication, translation support was provided throughout the demonstrations and Q&A sessions.

With a total of 106 attendees, the event was a resounding success.

“It was a fantastic achievement which gave the clients an understanding of what value our services can bring to them and the industry”, says Scott Donald. “And I have been told they are still talking about the services that are now on offer in the Caspian region.”

George Drury (left) and Scott Clive Donald demonstrated induction heating solutions in Baku. Photo: Jeyhun Hasanov

THE EXPERTS: George Drury (left) and Scott Clive Donald demonstrated induction heating solutions in Baku.
Photo: Jeyhun Hasanov

ENRX Demonstration mobile induction heating equipment

KEEN INTEREST: The clients were all very interested to see what you can do with a Minac.
Photo: Jeyhun Hasanov