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Induction heating - Clean and green manufacturing

ENRX: A new powerhouse in advanced induction technology

Industrial induction heating expert EFD Induction and inductive charging and power supply innovator IPT Technology now form ENRX. The new company is represented in more than 80 countries and holds over 1,200 patents for induction technology. By bringing out the best of induction technology, ENRX is determined to speed up the journey to cleaner and greener manufacturing and mobility.  

Ready to change the game

The manufacturing industry is shifting toward eco-friendly and more efficient industrial heating systems. As induction heating is accurate, controllable, fast and repeatable, the technology is perfectly suited for smart factories driven by an Industry 4.0 approach. Industrial induction heating also promotes safe and healthy workplaces, and the technology has been proven for decades.

“We are a new company with more than 70 years of experience in induction heating,” says Bjørn Eldar Petersen, CEO of ENRX. “Last year was record-breaking for EFD Induction. We passed our forecasted order intake for the full year in October. We now have a new brand, ENRX, and many products in the pipeline. The future looks bright for us.”

Mobility is the other focus area for ENRX, and IPT Technology has been a pioneer in this field.

The world of mobility is going wireless, and ENRX pushes the evolution further by removing the need for cables. Inductive charging of buses, cars, ferries and trucks is convenient for users and requires virtually no maintenance. The same technology can be used in factories and warehouses to charge mobile equipment, robots and vehicles. Another offer from ENRX is contactless power supply, where power is transferred instantly to tracks used for everything from conveyor belts to amusement rides.

“Inductive wireless charging and contactless power supply are technologies for the future,” says Magnus Vold, CCO of ENRX. “In the new world that is emerging, everything is based on automation, digitalisation and electrification. With our portfolio of inductive charging and power supply systems, the only limit to what can be done is imagination.”

Speeding up the journey

ENRX aims to speed up the journey to a sustainable world through smart energy transfer. By offering technology for inductive heating, charging and power supply with low or no carbon footprint, ENRX provides value to companies worldwide in manufacturing and mobility. The vision for the company is: “When people look back, they will find that we were years ahead.”

“We believe that the right energy can take you anywhere,” says Inggard Torvik, CTO of ENRX. “Both in terms of what we do for our customers and how we interact with them. We know that change is always likely to meet some resistance, but there is simply no turning back within manufacturing and mobility. Instead, companies and organisations that act now are likely to be much stronger in the near future. We are ready when they are.”

ENRX formally launches on the 27th of March, 2023. The company has a turnover of 135 MEUR and 1,100 employees, and the headquarters are situated in Skien, Norway.