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Breaking ground for new highway

Breaking ground on trailblazing new expressway 

It was spades in the ground yesterday as representatives for all involved in the new State Road 516 in Florida gathered to celebrate the start-up. 

This innovative project will create a sustainable, environmentally friendly roadway which balances transportation needs with conservation and energy efficiency.

The SR 516 will include an electrified road pilot that will charge electric vehicles at highway speeds. ENRX will supply the technology for a wireless charging system that will be installed into three quarters of a mile of one of the travel lanes. The pilot is designed to test specially equipped electric vehicles to inform the industry about how to make road electrification accessible, affordable and more universal across the U.S.

“The Lake/Orange Expressway will be an example of what is possible when we think about transportation into the future,” said Michelle Maikisch, Executive Director of The Central Florida Expressway Authority. “Innovation, technology and sustainable elements will make for more efficient and responsible transportation solutions.”

“This pilot project will serve as a crucial testing ground, providing invaluable insights that will shape the future of electric vehicle infrastructure”, agreed project manager Bernhard Roglin from ENRX. “As we learn and refine our technology, we move one step closer to a world where charging while driving will be the norm.”