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Code of conduct

This update of the Code of Conduct was resolved by the Board of Directors of ENRX Group AS  (the parent company of the ENRX Group) on  27th August 2021. The previous edition was dated  3rd March 2021.

This Code of Conduct contributes to set the framework for the behaviour ENRX expects of all employees and other stakeholders worldwide.  It is based on the ENRX values - respectful, reliable, cooperative and passionate.The Code of Conduct shall contribute to developing  a common ENRX identity and preventing the manifestation of integrity concerns. Integrity in this context means “the quality of being honest and just in character”. Integrity is about attitude and behaviour. ENRX shall be a world-class company with zero tolerance for illegal or unethical behaviour.

Company values: Respectful, reliable, cooperative and passionate
All stakeholders will base their daily work and behaviour on the company values. This is about providing products and services to our customers at reasonable prices without compromisingon quality or reliability. Further, it is about keeping our promises and about cross-company cooperation to serve customers in the best possible way wherever theyare located. However, it is also about following the law, acting honourably and treating others with respect. These values are the foundation of the operations of ENRX. Management and otheremployees worldwide are obliged to adapt and strive to live up to these values, and to speak up in case they think that somebody is falling short of the commitment to the required standards. 

Scope and responsibility

In the following, “EFD Induction” will mean the ENRX Group, the parent company and its subsidiaries. The Code of Conduct applies to all stakeholders including Board of Directors, management, employees, agents and other people acting on behalf of the company such as hired-in personnel and consultants (hereinafter referred to as “Stakeholders”). Board members that are appointed by ENRX in other companies shall actively work for the implementation of similar ethical guidelines in these companies. 

ENRX does not want to be associated with partners lacking appropriate ethical standards, and business partners are therefore required to adhere to ENRX’s Supplier Code of Conduct. TheCEO must approve all deviations from this Code of Conduct.


 Our Stakeholders are expected to familiarise themselves with this Code of Conduct and to conduct their duties in compliance with the principles set out herein. In doing so, our employees shall use good judgement and seek guidance from their manager or others as set out herein when necessary.The Executive Management of the Company is responsible for theimplementation of the Code of Conduct and monitoring of its operational effectiveness, including ensuring appropriate (hereunder risk-based) communication and training. 

The CFO shall procure that the Code of Conduct is updated to reflect changes in applicable laws, regulations and policies. - The Board of Directors shall periodically receive reports on the level of compliance within the  Company.

Guidelines and framework
The Code is based on the ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact concerning human rights, labour rights, environmental responsibility and anticorruption.1

Laws and regulations
ENRX will always act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. If ENRXrules and regulations are more comprehensive than the country’s laws, and not in conflict with applicable 
laws and regulations, the EFD Induction’s rules shall apply.

A central part of our policy is to comply with internationally accepted guidelines and conventions adopted by the UN and the OECD.

Disciplinary actions and criminal sanctions
Violations of this Code of Conduct and other applicable law or regulations may expose both the ENRX and individuals to civil and/or criminal penalties. We will not accept violations and 
appropriate actions will be taken. Properly founded allegations or evidence of violations will result in