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Wall Street Journal Future of Everything podcast

The future of EV charging

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Magnus Vold, was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal's Future of Everything podcast, where he discussed the future for wireless charging of electric vehicles.

In this very interesting episode, the Wall Street Journal explores the many challenges and solutions of this technology that promises to revolutionise how we think about energy, mobility, and sustainability.

Magnus Vold outlines how wireless charging technology is set to transform industrial settings first, such as warehouses and ports, offering a glimpse into a future where EVs never need to stop for charging. By integrating electric floors, vehicles like forklifts can operate continuously, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

The vision extends beyond industrial applications to the broader EV market. ENRX is spearheading a pilot electric roadway project in Florida, a collaboration with the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) and Utah State University's ASPIRE Research Center, that is also featured in the podcast.

Magnus Vold emphasises the importance of innovation and collaboration in overcoming technological and safety challenges on the journey towards more intelligent vehicles and infrastructure.

Are you curious about how this technology will shape the future of electric mobility? Listen to the insightful discussion

Why stop to charge?

ENRX CCO Magnus Vold

If you think about a warehouse where you have a forklift that wants to go 24/7. Why should it stop for charging?

Chief Commercial Officer, Magnus Vold